Hello World!!

So I decided to give blogging a go after a few suggestions from a couple of people.

I’ll be honest, I know next to nothing about how to start or where to go so this is essentially going to be another hobby for me that will give me something to do whilst at home/university. Essentially, I’ll be keeping track of all the new things that I will discover while at university and hopefully, it will help improve my writing skills too while I’m at it. In short, don’t expect anything amazing (to those that would even consider visiting this little corner of the interwebz).

What you can expect:

  • Noob piano covers!
  • Anime talk!
  • Photos of my home-cooked photoshopped food!
  • Photos of photoshopped food!
  • A visit to Japan in 2013/2014!
  • A visit to the White House to meet President Obama! [subject to change]
  • World Domination!
  • World peace! [subject to change]
  • And some other stuff that I could mention but didn’t due to my lack of attention span during the summer holidays

Yeah! You ‘can’ expect all those things.

Anyway, here goes nothing….


It’s a long road ahead…

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