My love of food

Not very original, is it? Well to be honest, there isn’t really much to be said as this is a typical story just like no other.

Growing up in the UK, I was already well accustomed to many of the traditional British dishes that you would typically find in a primary school canteen. Toad in the hole, Roast and Yorkshire Pud, Cheese and Beans on jacket potatoes, as well as many other typical British take-aways, you name it.

I don’t even need to describe this…Taken from Wikipedia, credit to the original author: 

However, as a child of chinese ethnic descent, I was also blessed with the opportunity to taste cuisine from other cultures too, not just chinese, as my parents were just as enthusiastic about it as I am. One in particular you’ll soon see is Japanese food. As a child, it was always something that my parents would take us out to as a treat in London, so I couldn’t have it regularly. Which is probably why I see it as a special food as I’d always be looking forward to the next meal. Sushi in particular has managed to remain my favourite food for the last 12 years which has strong ties with my memories of the restaurants/take-aways from Yaohan we had (RIP Yaohan Q.Q).

Sakura London ~ dat melt-in-the-mouth fatty tuna.

And this leads me to the present. For the past year, as I only just got into the course I wanted to study, so I had a lot more free time for various reasons. So one of the few things I decided to take up this year was cooking, out of necessity and boredom as a student.

So I decided to read into Japanese cuisine a bit more and give some simple japanese dishes a try. As it would:

A. Give me something productive to do while not taking too much time out from my other hobbys, just to learn recipes
B. Make shopping for food a little more interesting
C. Make student meals taste that much better

Now I’m not gonna lie. In some rarer cases, I had to spend just that little bit more in order to make a very satisfying rookie meal but it goes a long way. However, like I said, that is rare. It is entirely do-able on a food budget of £20-30 a week . Especially as I’m not too keen on clubbing (which takes up a big chunk of my week’s budget when I do every blue moon). But if you just grab some basic sauces and ingredients used commonly in many japanese dishes, you can eventually make something like this.

A noob effort ~ home-made Chicken teriyaki (sauce too :P)

I still don’t understand why some students complain about finding it hard to cook. It takes up a quite a bit of time, yes, but difficulty-wise it is very much do-able that even a noob like me can achieve something small like this.

But who knows. Anyway, I will be uploading some more photos in the future. Most likely old ones for the moment until I start uni again but hope you’ve enjoyed this long-winded post.


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