Another food post? (1)

A mouth-watering update for those of you interested in my food, or an eye-cancerously bad one for those of you that hate watching noobs amateurs make some ‘pretend-sushi’. Expect MOAR of these food posts to come!

So we (brother and I) decided to make crab stick and smoked salmon sushi (with a little help from a parent). It’s a pretty simple dish to make. How the professionals do it, I don’t know. But this is sufficient enough for my own home demands.

Have a guess which one I made. I only made one of the three dishes here…
Clue: Look for something that doesn’t belong XD

So here’s what we did for those of you interested.
Now a tip before you start. If you aren’t using gloves, note that the rice will tend to stick to your hands quite a lot. Just wet your hands with water and work on it as normal. They won’t stick as much then although you may have to re-wet your hands constantly throughout. Otherwise, use disposable gloves that rice doesn’t stick to for less hassle. Anyway, enjoy the maki:

  1. Rice making 101. Best to buy a rice cooker for convenience.
    JustHungry is one of my favourite websites that I follow. They have loads of wonderful recipes on Japanese food so please feel free to check them out!
  2. We just layed a sheet of dried seaweed down on a clingfilmed wooden sushi mat (so that the rice doesn’t stick) and made a layer of rice on top of the seaweed, around half a cm thick.

    the sheet

    the bed of rice

  3. In this first meal, we used pickled radish, cucumber and either crabsticks or smoked salmon for the rolls.

    smoked salmon, pickled radish and cucumber

  4. Once it’s rolled it up, take care to trim off the excess seaweed on the side if you think it will overlap too much. Otherwise you will get one very chewy-hard part  of the maki roll from the excess seaweed overlap. Oh yeah, and just seal the ends with a few cooked grains of rice.

    roll and cut!

  5. Finally, just cut the roll into even pieces. If you find the rice sticks to the knife too much, just oil the knife a  bit with something like sesame oil. It shouldn’t do, but it helps. Note that if you use a lot, you will smell it in your food.

    [insert useless caption here]

Anyway, you were probably bored of that so here’s some more that was made.

2nd meal! Guess again which one I made….
Ya… not the prawns. The lone onigiri…

Oh yeah, made onigiri for the first second time. Again, followed the aforementioned website’s instructions and there we have it!
(Well actually, should probably mention I couldn’t get my hands on proper fresh cod roe, but there we go…)

Salted cod roe onigiri.

That’s enough from me today. I did lie about not doing any new food posts before I got back to uni but this kinda just popped up and I thought I might as well add it to my blog. So expect some more posts before I return to uni…. or not.


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