So I play the piano…

So really, this post is an excuse to share my amateur, rookie Youtube channel I’m doing at the moment. I’ll put it on another page on my blog but for now and I’ll leave links to each video I do, in-between the irregular posts every now and then.


So anyway, where do I start? I love the instrument. That’s all I can say. It’s my favourite hobby out of all the things that I do. Sure, it takes up quite a lot of my time from other things but it’s damn worth it. I’ve been playing for about 8-ish years now and I did use to have lessons. Officially, I’ve only every reached Grade 5 with my practical and theory work following the ABRSM grading system. Unofficially, I’ve played pieces harder than that. I’m actually looking forward to continuing grades some day and getting diploma level when I start playing more classical music again, as it’s nice thing to have achieved. However, that’s more of a dream now than a reality and may remain so until I can either make more time for it or start learning classical music again.

My musical interests have varied a little through the years although at the moment, my main musical interests are instrumental soundtracks and anime music. To be honest, it’s watching the many gifted and talented Youtubers that have kinda gotten me into this kinda music. To name a few; kylelandry, Fantasiex3, joshi3joshi, TehIshter, Animenzz, et al.

I guess that’s it. To anyone who is interested, here are my three most recent videos. Expect more of these soon.

[Note: Turn your volume up, I haven’t quite mastered the art of Audacity yet]

[kinda messy and turn your volume back down for this xD]

[Note: better volume but may still need to turn up volume]

Anyway, to sum up this post nicely, here’s a video showing the reason why I still play and will continue to do so until…. who knows? It’s to one day be able to do this. I’m a long way off, but it’s a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to. Albeit, the Seikan Tunnel.

Animenzzz improv?!?!?

dat skill.

One day… one day…

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3 Responses to So I play the piano…

  1. acboom says:

    Reblogged this on nikknacs77 and commented:
    inspired by creativity !

  2. Wes B. says:

    Wow, you are such an amazing piano player. You played those pieces so gracefully! I know that someday, you’ll obtain that gorgeous room.

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