EPIC Cruise trip, Day 2 – At Sea.

Just a short explanation before you read into this.

Today is the only day where we will be at sea all day. Which I figured would’ve been a good time to go swimming. Shame the Mediterranean weather has decided to disagree with my decision.

Typical Mediterranean weather… wait wut?

Ah well, at least breakfast is at the ‘all-you-can-eat’ Garden Café. Which means I’ll be stuffing myself for the first meal of the day. 😀

Cold platter. Salmon, various hams and cheese.

Salmon….so much of it…. which wasn’t actually that great. Salmon was quite salty (as were the capers) and the bagel I had it in was quite hard from being in the fridge. Ah well, it is all-you-can-eat after all. Nice selection of cold hams though, which are actually available all day for every meal.


Second course was a fry-up and more appetising. Turkey and pork sausages, crispy and english bacon, baked beans, hash brown, some beef hash and powdered scrambled eggs. ^^

Does this even count as thirds??

And olives to finish. Didn’t touch the capers. So much salt…

After breakfast, there was a Japanese Teppanyaki and Sushi demo promoting one of the restaurants on the ship. I could only get a crappy zoomed up photo of the show as I was a fair bit back and my phone camera tends to pixelate when I zoom.

Sushi demo.

Walked around for a bit. Wasn’t too interested in any of the other activities on the ship other than the rock climbing, but it wasn’t on due to the rain. Most of them are designated towards younger kids/teens or older adults. As for family sessions, there was the family Wii on the big screen but that was packed. We went to sit down and have a drink at a couple of bars. Most of them look very new and modern.

I was fortunate enough to be around in the area to see the Dolce Trio perform again, before heading up to Wasabi for a light sushi/sashimi lunch.

Their sake bar wasn’t very impressive though. Only 2 choices of sake, and apparently one of them is one of the cheapest ones you can find on the market. Fish wasn’t very fresh either. Meh.. :L

Left to right, clockwise.
Albacore Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon.

Sat around and talked for a while before going back up to Garden Café to have some fruit and a bit of grub.

Chicken wrap had more wrap than filling O.O
Main highlight was the pizza special today. Proscuitto ham and rocket pizza. Also, the weather cleared up enough for this phenomenon!

Can only just make it out in this picture, but anyways:

Eventually, it was evening and on our way down we saw a good selection of desserts in Garden Café that we were contemplating whether or not to come back for.

Nevertheless, to Cagney’s!!!!

Waiting area looks….comfortable.

After a bit of a chin wag, we soon all made up our minds as to what to have. Not before long, our starters showed up.

Grilled Portobello mushroom with blue crab meat  – They sure give you a lot….

Rockafella oysters

Colossal Shrimp Cocktail

All the starters I tasted were very good. They don’t give you a lot but they are all very flavoursome. I guess it kinda preps you for the main course. I had the blue crab in the portabello muchroom as my own starter, but got a taste of the Rockafella Oysters too (had a couple). I thought I might as well order a Lobster Bisque as well.

Classic Lobster Bisque – dat bisque…

And let me tell you, the Lobster bisque was exceptional. It’s indescribable. And that thing in the middle. Is that the lobster custard!? I didn’t know and didn’t care either. Woulda happily licked the plate clean if I weren’t surrounded by so many on-lookers.

Rib-eye. 12 oz.

Perfectly medium. No medium-well grey around the edges.

For Mains, most of us had the 12 oz rib-eye steak. I had mine medium with béarnaise sauce. Meat was pink, tender and juicy. The sauce was rich and buttery. What more could I ask for? In fact, the steak itself was already nicely seasoned so I happily had the last few bites without sauce anyway.

Raspberry Crème brûlée – presentation annndd…


Strawberry cheesecake, I think. My memory fails me..

Now this is where the meal falls at the last hurdle. And strangely so it seems. You would’ve thought with their damned near perfect execution of the meal so far would’ve at least extended to their dessert. I mean, presentation wise the chocolate twirls, cream and other shapes did well to appeal our eyes. But the fact that the top half is in a different physical state to the bottom shows uneven heating during the cooking process. Seeing as this dish requires the use of eggs, which could still be raw in this dish, it was the only dish that I had left unfinished at the end of the night and had left me a little put off the dessert. Who knows, maybe it was a one off and I was pretty unlucky.

However, despite this it was still a very satisfying meal. Service was good, everything was handled in at a fair pace and nothing felt rushed.  If I had the chance, I would definitely come again in the future. Although that would be for the steaks and lobster bisques, not so much for the desserts.

That’s day 2 done. I’ll write again tomorrow when we will be heading to our first shore excursion, Naples, and going to a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant on-ship.


[EDIT: Apologies, it seems that old age is catching up with me. ]
My Photobucket in case I missed out any pics.

Cagney’s menu. Think our’s might have been a little different at the time.

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