EPIC Cruise trip, Day 3 – Naples – Pompei, Positano and Sorronto

Just a short explanation before you read into this.

Extra photos.


What a view to wake up to! Even though I’m not much of a morning person, this is something that has made my morning more worth waking to.

Breakfast today was lighter than yesterday. Still feel a bit full from the Steakhouse last night so struggled to even finish this!

Once we were all ready to go, we left the ship no sooner than 8am and met our taxi-guide for the day. Our first stop was Pompei, although throughout the whole journey to our three destinations, he would fill us in on some history and information along the way. The funny thing was, he was actually a hellova lot more knowledgeable about football (soccer to you non-UK speakers). You could ask him about any certain matches in history, played in any popular league or cup, and he would tell you the results, coach or managers of the teams at the time, players on the teams, pitch conditions, notable events and many other little details most people would struggle to remember for one match.


But enough about our walking database. We made our first stop at Pompei and were immediately greeted by a tourist set-up of shops and cafés at the entrance of the roman-greek archaeological site.

Our on-site tour-guide showed us around the site and walked us through the history of each significant site. I won’t spend too much time talking about it here so I will post a few photos and leave you a link to the rest on my Photobucket account at the end of this.


Unfortunate victim from the poisonous gas of the volcano eruption

Gardens where the ‘Juventas’ or ‘Youth’ would play

House of the Faun – Nice place you got here…

Making and baking of some sort here. Bread?

One of the few archaeological finds at this UNESCO World Heritage site.

If I’m not mistaken, there are a few bits and pieces left behind by the Greeks here too.

Place of entertainment.

Yup, definitely left behind. Apollo of the Greek-Roman mythology.

Where the Romans have Forums which they used to gather and discuss matters, the Greeks had Agoras. This is a remnant of that past on this site.

The long road ahead…

Okay next stop, Positano. We actually made a few stops along the way to take in some of the stunning coastal views.

Where they filmed the James Bond movie ‘Goldfinger’ apparently. This was the bend where they filmed the car chase scene.



We finally made it to this beautiful seaside town! Although due to our time constraints, we only had time to walk down to the seafront and back in 30 minutes. If there’s one thing that I would point out about visiting here, hire a taxi driver or drive here yourself. The roads are way too narrow for buses so you would get dropped off at the top and have to walk all the way down.  If going by car, at least you’d get most of the way down before getting dropped off or stopping off somewhere. And yes the roads are VERY narrow so expect many ‘close-calls’ with other motorists and pedestrians. The taxi-guide joked some stretches of road are called ‘samurai roads’ because of the sheer amount of scratches you’d get from passing other motorists on those particularly narrow roads.

The sand here is actually black! Dunno why though, anyone care to fill me in? 😛

Once we rushed back from the seafront, our taxi-guide took us to a local restaurant 20 minutes up the town. Again, there was no shortage of eye-stunningly beautiful views of the sea when we arrived as it was positioned on the edge of the mountain.

Restaurant top view.

As the driver reserved a table for us, they were very prompt with the food when we arrived. It was no longer than a few minutes before they started bringing out the appetisers, water and own made wine. In fact, a lot of their ingredients were local or grown by themselves which was interesting to experience.

Some broccoli, tomatoes, prosciutto ham and buffalo mozzarella and potato salad.

Aubergine, with tomato sauce and cheese?

Some bean dish with thick pieces of bacon/panchetta?? Never tried panchetta so iunno.


Chickpea dish. Cooked pretty similarly to the beans.

So for starters, we had 8 dishes to choose from. All were served cold except the broccoli and all pretty decent, simple food. I liked the buffalo mozzarella balls and prosciutto ham the most. The cheese was so soft, slightly milky but otherwise didn’t have much taste, which the ham balanced with it’s salty flavour.



Wild mushroom and pesto

This was where the meal started to disappoint. As soon as they had cleared away the starters, the main courses already arrived at our table! Sorry for the bad pictures, we kinda rushed our main course cos we were so hungry xD

The pasta was a tad sticky and nothing worth noting. You would’ve thought they’d at least have a bit of variation in their main courses, like with their starters, but three of their four dishes were cooked in the same sauce (The Gnocci, Raviolli and cheese lasagne that you can’t see here). In fact, I preferred eating the wild mushroom and pesto pasta the most out of all of out of all of them because of this, as the other dishes started to taste a bit bland.

Italian pastries

Local grapes and Limoncello

Dessert was interesting although not to my taste, due to my inability to eat a lot of sweet things. And to be honest, the dessert pastries were VERY sweet. Sure, everyone has their own tastes but to me, it felt like if I had any more of these pastries, I would be sure to develop diabetes. As a result, the local grapes were wonderfully refreshing. We were also all given shots of Limoncello (lemon liqueur) which had a very strong spice and (not-so-surprisingly) lemon-y smell.


Sorronto alleyway

I K-O’d for most of the trip to Sorrento because of tiredness/lack of sleep so excuse the lack of photos. To be honest, we didn’t find much to do there. We only walked down the alleyway of shops and had a drink at a café, but didn’t note anything worth buying or staying around for so promptly left within the hour to head back to the ship.

Once back on the ship, it was an hour or two before we headed to the Tappanyaki restaurant.

All you have to do was pick a main dish and a dessert, so most of us went for the seafood teppanyaki and green tea cake. When the chef arrived, he gave us a quick demonstration which was quite amusing to watch.

First up were three starters, one after the other. All were quite simple, general Japanese dishes. Salt simmered beans, miso soup and seaweed salad (seaweed was nice, wasn’t too keen with the rest of it with the ginger dressing).

Scallops and Lobster!


All this fried rice!

So we had lobster, scallops and squid for the seafood, served with fried rice (and the odd eggshell). Everything was cooked up in the same sauce you are given two dipping sauces to accompany whichever teppanyaki main you chose. There was the yellow ginger sauce for vegetables and seafood and the white mustard sauce for meats.  The scallops were very soft and tender so I enjoyed them quite a lot compared to the overcooked lobster tails, which were a bit tough. Squid was last, and we definitely got a lot of it. Haha!


Green tea cake and ice-cream was our finishing dish. If anything redeemed the mediocre meal tonight, it was this. The cake was wonderfully sweet with the taste of green tea. Ice-cream was much milder sweet, which was a good contrast as the dish would’ve been too sugary otherwise. In case it wasn’t sweet or strong enough for you, there were two rings of green tea syrup droplets to sweeten your palette if you so wished. The dark chocolate twirl and hard caramel square were a nice set of decorations, although unnecessary.

Overall, Tappanyaki has been a somewhat pleasant experience. The performance was entertaining and the meal was decent. But if I were to choose to go back there again, I wouldn’t. At least not on the Norwegian Epic.

Man, typing this out has still managed to make me hungry again. Tomorrow, we head to the Roman and Holy City! Until then, a Towel Bunny to entertain yourselves.


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    • DC says:

      Thanks! This is my first time ‘ever’ blogging and I’m doing it in the hopes that my personal writing technique will improve. So expect a few rubbish posts to appear every now and then, either due to my inability to string words together or my lack of imagination. ^^

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