EPIC cruise trip, Day 6 – Cannes, Nice and Monaco

Just a short explanation before you read into this.

Today the Cannes port was packed so the ship couldn’t dock, which is why this picture was taking so far from the shore. So today, we were departing the ship via tender boat instead.

Breakfast today is waffles and bacon, while seconds is bacon and fried eggs. Only just worked out that you had to ask for fried eggs while spending the last few days thinking they didn’t do it because it wasn’t on show like everything else. xD


So a few pics of Cannes.  Excuse the badly timed shot of the red carpet.

Red carpet of the Palais des Festivals where the celebrities will usually walk up.

Gucci shops

Corner where there’s a painting of….some…famous…actors…doing…something…yeah…


On arrival.

Travelling along the coast, Nice (pronounced ‘nee-ce’) is next with its gorgeous beaches and ocean views. There are some well-known locations like where Angelina Jolie gave birth to her twins or one of Elton John’s places of residence.

Lovely beaches!

Some of the shops. The place wasn’t very packed when we drove past.

Uhhhh… your guess is as good as mine. She said something about having to walk up…iunno..

World War 2 memorial.




Monte Carlo does have a lot more yachts docked there but only managed to get closer shots of these ones from the bus.

We’re here! 😀


Lawl, Beatles reference?

So we have arrived at the place of the Royal family of Monacco and it was our first stop in terms of walking around. There are a high percentage of Catholic Christians in Monaco, about three quarters of the population here.

Sorry for the bad quality. Either I failed as a cameraman or my phone failed as a camera. I would like to think the latter…

Made it just in time to see the changing of the Royal guards, which happens every day at 11.55am.

Looks like we’re not the only ones that made it here on time!

I was pretty lucky that I managed to get this shot. Thank god for my height and good positioning! ^^

LOL @ mini-cannon

So we got quite a view of Monte Carlo before we were gonna head into it. It’s really breathtaking taking in the view. The surroundings of Monte Carlo are a little similar to Positano, where the houses are built into the mountains facing the sea. Except the buildings are much more concentrated and modern, with the sea is dotted with more yachts than you can imagine. Anyway, now for the picture spam. Enjoy!

These 2 are now from a different angle


Lunch was on our minds, so we had a looksie around the alleyways for some food and souvenirs.

Jambon au brie, cured ham with brie cheese

Any chocolate lovers out there???

Metre long bar of chocolate. o.O

Giant baby…

And now for the location where they filmed the recent James Bond films with Daniel Craig.

Casino Monte-Carlo.

Ta-daaaa! It’s flanked by the Café du Paris on the left, with the Hotel de Paris on the right and a row of expensive cars all around.



lots of nice cars…

It’s like “watching the world go by” sitting in this café.

I actually  got to go inside the Casino and have a look at the lobby and first 2 casino rooms that are available to all guests, given that you fulfil certain ‘dress code’ criteria (e.g. no short shorts, no sleeveless t-shirts, etc.). We weren’t allowed to take photos in there and they enforce their rules quite strictly so you won’t be getting a glimpse of anything inside. But to give you an idea of what it’s like, let me describe it with one word. Gold.

Saw this on our way back down.

See pic above for description.

Our bus journey back to the ship was over an hour. I dozed off for half an hour but managed to get this before I did. Some of France’s stunning scenery shots.

dat greenery..

Was gonna take another picture of the ship. Photobombed.

Dinner was… filling. Despite not feeling very hungry, I still ended up having four courses in total. Where does it go? Well… probably to my beer belly which will start developing in a few years’ time.

Cold platter of various stuffs

Jerk pork, fried chicken, fried potato chips, fried…stuffs…

Would it be fair to call this the junk food platter??

Finally, something healthy…er…

Bye bye sun!

Top deck and the basketball court was empty so thought we’d shoot a few hoops to help digest dinner (especially me as I DEFINITELY needed to burn it off).


Found a bar where these guys were playing. I think it’s called the Whisky bar. And I tell you now, they were AWESOME!!! I don’t know how they did it but that level of improvisation that they performed was immense! It just seems that any musician on this ship will find some way to WOW you, but I suppose that’s what they’re paid for. Now that I think about it, seems kinda pointless I told you that as I have no video to prove it. Just take my word. ^^

Ah well, the sleep monster is catching up with me and tomorrow is a ‘free day’ as we won’t be taking part in the excursions, so I can sleep to my heart’s content. Wooooo! I think this is a good time for me and towel mouse to wish you good night! 😀



My photobucket – for any missed pics in case you wanna see more

My Youtube – still no internets for my videos. Check again later 😀

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