EPIC cruise trip, Days 7 and 8 – On-ship and Goodbye!

Just a short explanation before you read into this.

Sorry for the long wait. Finally got all of these done. I’ll upload the rest of my youtube videos later once our new internet plan kicks in.

Decided to combine 2 short posts as I didn’t do much on our last two days, but just to keep in tradition with these posts, here you go! 🙂


Day 7:

Despite having all the time in the world to sleep last night, still feel tired as hell this morning. Must mean I’m still a student…

This can’t be healthy… yet tastes sooo good!

I think this was finally the day when my stomach couldn’t keep up with my appetite as my meals today were a lot smaller than the previous days. Still, nothing beats a good ol’ toasted English muffin with fried eggs and ENGLISH bacon (not crispy!). ^^

There were quite a few other ships docked around us. The one called the Carnival Breeze looked quite similar in top deck layout and overall size.

I swear this is the Wizard of Oz film. Right!?!

Haha! I was looking for the running track the whole time we were here! Turns out it’s on the starboard on one of the levels!


There were many activities going on today and top deck was packed with people! To be honest, it didn’t look like many people left for Marseilles and since the weather was so good, the pools were packed as well. We had a walk around the ship again to try and find anything we missed though eventually settled at the top deck. A table tennis table freed itself long enough for us to play for 2 hours before heading down for lunch (as top deck was still packed and buzzing as ever).

Buffalo hot wings

Fish and chips. Good attempt but batter just isn’t the same. Ah well, back to the UK tomorrow so won’t have to wait long for some proper British F&C.

Late lunch was delish! Fish n’ Chips was meh but then again, it’s not UK Fish n’ Chips.


Went back to our rooms to pack a bit before heading up for dinner, for which we were rewarded with this lovely sight!

Anyway, din dins.



The winners tonight were the Prawn Skewers (yah I know, boring name).  They don’t sound like much but they were incredibly tender and sooooooooo succulent! And with a bit of black pepper or tabasco, they go a long way! I kid you not, we actually witnessed a whole serving tray disappear within a minute or two due to the large amount of people coming in and grabbing 3 or 4 skewers at a time, only to come back and repeat the process. I admit, we all did it too as they were very, very good.

After dinner was done, we headed back up, left our bags outside our rooms and came back down for a final drink at the Shakers Martini bar, with a piano man for entertainment, before we went for our 6 hour nap to wake up next morning.

Day 8:

Just when I thought the last few days were hard to wake up for, I was quickly reminded how wrong I was this morning, at 6am. Waiting till 7am for the tannoy to announce our leaving place on the ship, we finally made it to the bus.

BYEEEEE!!! We will miss you!!!!

Once past airport security, we made our way to the VIP lounge as, luckily, mum and dad had some passes from some friends that could allow 2 extra guests to come in with them. But even with the free food, my stomach felt unusually… empty this morning.



Anyway, to finish this off, after an early morning and a short flight, we’re glad to be home.

Photobucket Pics:

day 7
day 8


I hope you guys have enjoyed these last few posts. I’ve tried to write in a consistent way and I’ve gone over it again with spell/grammarnazi checks but please excuse all the rookie errors I’ve made. I hope I’ve given you an insight into what cruise trips can be like. They sure as hell aren’t only restricted to the elderly as much as people used to believe and they can come in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package with the large number of facilities and activities you can participate in. Just remember some are tailored to a specific market when looking around.

If there’s one point that I’d like to make, it’s to be prepared to move around often during the excursions. You won’t get that much time in the day to see all the things you’d want to, as there are only so many things you can see in one day (or more precisely, 9-10 hours). And it’s a shame that we didn’t get to see any of the places at night as everything can look so different from a different time of day.

And if you want to compare going by cruise to going by plane, then allow me to offer you an analogy.
I would say going by plane means that you get to take your time to choose your starters, mains and dessert from the menu at leisure, although you can only order one plate of each. But going by cruise is like having a set taster menu, serving small portions of many of the best things that there are on offer. And the trip has done exactly that. Given us a taste of the many highlights of each of these beautiful countries and wet our appetites, leaving us wanting more. I only hope these series of posts have done the same for you.

Gratzie and Au Revoir for now!

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2 Responses to EPIC cruise trip, Days 7 and 8 – On-ship and Goodbye!

  1. Next time I feel like gaining a few dozen pounds …. I’ll make sure to go on a cruise.

    • DC says:

      It’s the most enjoyable way to gain weight. 😀

      Although that might vary on which cruise you go on. If anything, this one is just right for the job.

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