Another food post? (2)

Just a random food post today as you all know how much I ‘heart’ food.

Here’s something I cooked the other day. Just a special fried rice dish.

‘Special’ fried rice

Okay, it’s not really special but it sounds much better than spam, eggs and broccoli fried rice. And yeah, it’s not that hard a dish to cook either which makes the naming of the dish even more questionable but hey, it sounds better, right? Right?!?!

Oh, a friend from Hong Kong brought back this lovely little packet of goodness (among other food stuffs). Now if you are familiar with mochi in the UK, you’ll know how soft, or should I say, how firm it usually is after sitting in the fridge (when you buy them from oriental supermarkets). Now imagine it about twice as soft at room temperature…

dat mochi…

coated in chocolate powder…

with a banana filling…

This was the best mochi I’ve tasted. Probably not the best out there as I haven’t experienced any mochi from outside the UK, but having said that, a lot of oriental food stuffs from Asia do tend to be better than their UK counterparts for obvious reasons. Now I haven’t looked for these around my local oriental food stores but if don’t let that put you off from looking for these.

And I implore anyone who hasn’t tried it before to give it a go. It’s a Japanese rice cake snack (not cake like in texture but instead glutinous), sometimes with a sweet filling (called daifuku) like red bean paste, that’s popularly eaten as a snack. I’ve seen there are many other ways that this can be eaten but I’ve only ever eaten it as confection.

Finally, just wanna share this picture of Chinese home-made roast pork belly with you.

Mmmmmmm, pork bellyyy

No I didn’t cook it, as much as I want to take credit for it. It was actually a good friend who brought this down for all of us to share! And this was only about a third of the original cut, as other’s have had the pleasure to eating. This has got to be the best home-made roast pork belly I’ve tasted. The meat was well seasoned all over and the fat distribution in the meat was even. Usually, the top half would be fat and bottom half would be the meat. But it was as if the fat and meat distribution was even throughout (probably a good cut of belly was used).

See that?! Even.

But the most defining point for me was the skin. This is really the true defining point for the dish. I’ve had this dish many times where the skin was too chewy or too hard to bite through, but this was a rigid, crispy skin.

And how would you go about eating this? Well you could just have it on it’s own or as a side dish to a main meal. But we decided to have this “snack” with a side of English mustard and sugar to dip it in, as is popular in many restaurants. ^^

That’s it for now. Feel free to leave any comments regarding what I’ve posted or share some of your food experiences. I’ll happily share your enthusiasm of any pictures of mouth-watering food. 🙂

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