My love of anime

Before I start, when I say the word Asians in this post, I am referring to the American definition (East-Asian/Southeast-Asian), not the British one (South-Asian) for the sake of convenience. Despite the fact that the word Asian should really refer to both of these ethnic groups, it is far more convenient for me to write this way in this post and possibly in future posts to avoid confusion. Although I fear I may have done just the opposite by writing this way.

Fate/Zero. And no, I’m not saying you’ll look cool if you smoke.

So you may have remembered I mentioned I have an interest in anime. You may also be wondering how I got into this. No? This is the first post that you’ve read off my blog? Don’t give a flying faecal matter? Well I have to write something otherwise it’ll be awkward to stop here. 😛

I actually started watching it regularly not too long ago. More specifically, December 2011. Sure, I’ve seen the odd film or ‘anime-turned-western-cartoon’ before but December was when I started watching it actively (non-English dubbed). So from the time of writing this, it hasn’t even been a year since I started ‘duh anime phase’. So why start now? Isn’t it kinda late that I started while I’m about a quarter of the way through university?

The short answer is that I grew up in a very westernised culture in my home town. There weren’t very many other Asians that I could’ve made friends with, and the ones that lived close by that I did make friends with, I wasn’t very close with them anyway. The one’s that I did get along with really well, moved far away or we lost the chance to speak to each other due to unfortunate circumstances. So when I finally found out that I would be going to university, the first thing I told myself I would do is to open myself to the ‘asian culture’ that I had missed out on in the first 18 years of my life. And no, anime is not the only component of the ‘asian culture’ I opened myself up to (inb4 dis guy thinks he iz asian cuz he watches anime lulz).

After meeting many new friends, one of them mentioned that an interest of their’s was watching anime. Initially, due to my stupid judgemental close-mindedness, I thought all anime generally followed this sort of logic.

Anime = cartoon

Cartoon = for kids


Anime = for kids

And don’t get me wrong. A lot of anime nowadays is directed towards a younger market (varying from kids to teenagers). But then again, there’s nothing wrong with that either. It was only when a friend finally broke me out of my stubborn mindset by getting me to watch the first few episodes of Death Note in October, that I realised how well written some anime/manga can be. That there’s more to some of these shows than mindless violence and comedy (and again, nothing wrong with that). If you look hard enough, you can find ones where there are more mature or darker themes and where the questions of morality, symbolism, religions, etc. are raised (so yes, a lot of it is also marketed to the teen/adult audience). I realise that statement can relate to many other media (TV shows, Movies, even video games) but what I should’ve realised sooner is that it’s not limited to the other media.

Death Note

I also have a fondness for soundtracks and love some of the music in the animes I watch. In fact, my first anime (in terms of actually starting watching anime regularly) was Kimi ni Todoke. Why would I watch a shojo genre first? Two reasons:

  1. I didn’t know what shojo meant.
  2. I simply loved the Opening and Ending cover songs done by Kyle Landry and desperately wanted to learn them, so thought watching the show would give me more motivation if I came to enjoy it (check the original songs too)

And I did. It was a fun show to watch, if not a little frustrating at times (those who have seen it will understand). In a way, my love for the music helped give me a kick start to pursue this interest.

Kimi ni Todoke

Past naivety over with, I hope anyone not familiar with the anime world are more inclined to give it a go now. I’m happy to offer suggestions to anyone looking for an anime to watch and vice-versa. If you want to see what I’ve watched, here’s a link to my other page and MyAnimeList account for further discussion. *cough* just finished Code Geass series *cough*

Now back to my books.

Ja ne!

From the anime, Nichijou.

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