My cooking, food post (1)

Due to certain conditions that I fulfilled (no, I didn’t fail… -___-“), I had a lot of free time last academic year. So I set myself a few things to take up to try and make myself a little more ‘productive’. Seeing as I would be living by myself for a year, I thought I’d try to learn to cook. So this whole post is just dedicated to the dishes I ended up making that whole year. Just don’t expect anything amazing or hard to make. After all, I’m just a student…

Stir-fried beef, bamboo shoots, pak choi

lol steak and gravypool

Pork cooked 2 ways. sweet korean pork and spicy curry pork

Jiaozi or Pork Dumplings. Not much to do in terms of cooking, but still yummy and looks nice 🙂
I’d like to hand make these one day when I can be bothered.

Dunno what the actual English name for this is, but the dish is typically literally translated as “tomato fried egg“. This one with minced beef and bacon as the meat.

I LOOOOOOVVEEEEE noodles! So this is just one of many Udon stir-fries I do. Pork belly and sugar snap peas. Not just because it’s convenient and quick to cook… ¬.¬

‘My version’ of a Thai Red curry. My version because I don’t have a couple of the usual ingredients found in most authentic Thai curries.

Thought I’d post this one too… couldn’t choose between the 2 pictures of which one looked nicer xD

And when you’re a student…. just add eggs for more protein.

When I found some Kaya spread in the local Chinese store, I was overjoyed!!! Wow this brings back memories of Malaysia!
Sure it will never be as good but better than nothing to remind you of somewhere far, far away. ^^

Guess I’ll end this post with a LOLFAIL, just to show not everything goes to plan.

Looks a little burnt, right??

Add sauce annnnddd…. BAM!

Yeah, this was my first ever attempt at chicken teriyaki with chicken breasts (skin on). And this magnificent piece of artwork that you’re looking at is the result of reducing the teriyaki sauce for too long. It was thicker than the expected consistency but colour-wise, not very appealing. It still tasted quite nice though, which was surprising given it’s ‘what the hell is that black sauce‘ look. And in case you’re wondering, or didn’t read my first food post, I did eventually make it to an acceptable standard in the end. Which you will see again in the next big food picture post. 😛

I hope reading this has gotten you hungry for whatever dish of the day you’re going to indulge in and not the opposite. Because if this whole post has put you off, then I’m really doing something wrong.

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2 Responses to My cooking, food post (1)

  1. NyNy says:

    The stir friend beef looks so good and so does the Korean pork. Do you not a lot of food posts? :3

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