Another food post? (3)

Still busy. A very short picture post before I do the next Big Food Post!

So many different flavours!!!

My friend brought around another box not too long ago after my last post. Again, it was a delightful snack which we all sat around and tasted. 😀

From what I remember tasting (as we didn’t read the box), there were orange, lime, strawberry, lemon, green tea with sweet red bean paste and the two sesame ones also had the same filling I think. ^^

Tonkatsu-don. Pork cutlet fried in breadcrumbs served with egg and some other lovely things in rice.

Pesto, eggs and spam pasta.

Got bored of sandwiches so felt like making pasta for lunch, for once. This was a very welcome change to my lunches though I admit, they do taste much better hot. Especially as I added some mozzarella cheese to the dish as well. Somehow, the cold hard lump of mozzarella doesn’t quite compare to it when the cheese is in it’s stringy form.

Honey and Soy Pork Belly

Decided to give this a go again at making it. Meh, I need ideas of what combinations of side dishes I can cook together…

Next piano cover on the way. For now, Peace.

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2 Responses to Another food post? (3)

  1. reichann says:

    I love tonkatsu-don.. It’s been a while since I had one of this, and now, I’m craving! 🙂

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