Distant Worlds 25th Anniversary Final Fantasy concert, London!

Hey guys!

Special post! As I had attended the special Final Fantasy celebration concert with my friends in London a couple of weeks back, I thought I’d share my experience with you. And hopefully, along the way somewhere, I can persuade you to come along to these annual performances too, while showing you some of the little bits of London you may or may not have experienced (yes, I’m referring to you internationals thinking of visiting). They are expanding into Europe a lot this coming year (e.g. France, Germany, Vienna) as well as a couple other places around the world, so be sure to keep yourself updated by visiting their site regularly and check out when they’re coming to a venue near you for any upcoming events.

London: When we arrived

Boris-bikes, from the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme. A convenient way to get around as long as you’re hoping to visit locations around the parking sites spread around London. Were pretty popular supposedly during the London 2012 Olympics.

London Victoria train station.

In Harvey Nichols on our way up to top floor.


Finally at our first stop. Bubble Tea café on the fifth floor of Harvey Nichols. 😀

A great idea, making it into a funky chemistry-like themed café!

Anyone who hasn’t tried bubble tea before, if you ever get the chance, give it a go (considering you actually like milk tea). It can be served hot or cold and you usually have it with tapioca balls in your drink. Best to go to London to do so, there are a few good ones here and there. I’ve tried on in the Chinatown but I’ve got to say, this is the best Bubble Tea I’ve had in the UK so far. Reportedly, and typically, it’s better in *insert East-Asian country here*.

Asian foods section. Choco-panda!!!!

It’s a food court up here, so there are a few cuisines to choose from.

So many flavours… ~ Macarons

Back underground, look like buskers get a marked space to perform down here too

Second stop is Chinatown, Gerard Street, to fill our bellies!

I used to visit here a few years back, when I was much younger and we made more frequent family trips to London. God this brings back memories. Hardly ever come here now.

In case you’re wondering, the place we settled on eating at was Hong Kong Diner. Being students, we wanted to find a place not too expensive, being London and all.

Beef Tripe and rice vermicelli noodles (I think) in soup. I love tripe though some people may find the idea of eating this particular offal from the animal unpalatable.

Beef and black bean sauce ‘hor fun’ noodles

Pork Belly and rice. Simples.


This got me hungry again! ><

I miss this.

Well that’s one way to be different….

For me, this is the most iconic part of Chinatown in my memories as a kid. Used to play around here when my parents went grocery shopping in the shops next it it. Glad to see it’s still here 🙂

Last stop before the concert, a friend wanted sticky photos, so we made a short stop before making our way there.


Nearly there!!

This was a panicked arrival photo shot where we rushed our way there to make it JUST in time for the performance. On the dot, 7.30pm.

What a view!

Sorry for some of the rubbish shots. My phone doesn’t have a filter for the lenses.

Great seats. We were at the front of our section overlooking the orchestra.

Looking around.

Arrival of the orchestra

The orchestra began with the usual Prelude piece which, not surprisingly, was powerful and moving. The first half and a bit of the night was dedicated to performing their playlist in the release chronological order of the Final Fantasy series (i.e. I – XII).

Mid-performance shots.

Throughout the night, I felt goosebumps. They had a good variety in the sort of music they played. Contrasting from lighthearted and upbeat to slow and solemn emotional pieces to grandiose majestic arrangements which just sounded Epic!

I think it’s safe to say this was an outstanding performance. At the end, there was an applause for a good 10 minutes or so. And rightly so, I would also agree that this night will be a very memorable one for a long, long time.


Saw a crowd forming around our exit so caught this before they all broke up.

As expected, cosplayyerrrrs!

Post-concert shot of the Royal Albert Hall, where my camera work was less shaky. 😛

Before long, we were headed back to Uni.

An excellent night it was. To any Final Fantasy fan out there, if you love the music from the series, then it is definitely worth it going to one of these. The sound is far superior to listening to any grade of headphones/speakers. If you are not familiar with the orchestral works of the Final Fantasy series, then I recommend checking them out. The soundtracks are among the most beautifully arranged and most popular ones for video game music out there. I never played any of the games before listening to the arrangements (except receiving it for a birthday present for the first time last year) so is not anything that you’d have to play the games to get an appreciation for. I would imagine that the experience is greatly enhanced if you did though.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and it’s tipped your scales in favour of getting a ticket for next years concert. If so, hope to see you there too!

Ja ne!

Panorama view of the concert hall, thanks to my brother! Click on the image to see an enlarged image.

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3 Responses to Distant Worlds 25th Anniversary Final Fantasy concert, London!

  1. NyNy says:

    When did you get a ticket? Because when I heard about it, it was WAY too late :/ By the way, I made a post about 25 years of Final Fantasy since it’s today! Hope you can comment and tell me your first experience with the game series and what you think about the series.http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/25-years-of-final-fantasy/

    • DC says:

      Thanks for reading my post. I’ll have a look at your’s now. ^__^

    • DC says:

      Oh, as for tickets, I got them almost half a year ago from the day that I went to see it. As for hearing about it, I actually had planned to go to one of these concerts for a while, so kept my eye out for tickets. It just so happened to be a 15th anniversary event that we went to.
      Good lord, I still remember that 7.30, half hour early wake-up just to find myself 1000 and something in the ticket queue on the website. But 6 months on, it was totally worth it.

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