Xmas 2012/New year 2013 post

It seems managing a blog requires more time and effort than I originally planned. It also seems that this year will be busier than I originally planned too. Luckily for you, this means I have a stash of photos saved up somewhere on my computer so here are some of my ongoings this term.

Let’s start with some food. Most of these are my first attempts so don’t be too disappointed with the pictures. ^^”

Chicken and mushrooms in red wine sauce

Took a recipe from BBC food and some other sources before attempting this. I fried the chicken fillets in flour first before cooking them in the red wine sauce. I find sprinkling the chicken with brown sugar and paprika while cooking it, with mixed herbs to finish, helps improve the flavour of that first bite.

Korean gochujang pork belly and apple

Grated apple is an excellent substitute to sugar. Maybe add a teenie bit of honey if you find it is still not sweet enough. Avoid using green or sour apples for this, as you don’t want the dish to be too sour.


Ha, saw an offer at Asda and thought I’d buy some ‘prime steaks’. I was pretty chuffed I managed to not overcook it like I had before. Although in hindsight, I either should’ve done so or cut the slices thinner for when I put it into baguettes. Chewy.

Gave this a first time. Either added too much soy sauce or sesame oil as the dish should’ve been drier. Oh well, still a good first attempt as I didn’t break the noodles into little bits with my brutish cooking.

Fried salmon fillets

with udon and bak choi in a bonito soy sauce

Ah, this is probably my highlight of my pictures this term. Decided to play around with this one, I hadn’t even touched my packet of bonito flakes so felt like putting them to good use before heading back home from uni. For the sauce, I just used light soy sauce, touch of dark soy sauce, mirin, sake shao xing wine, sugar, bonito flakes, diced ginger and garlic. It was a great success, though took me a while to get the proportions right. Note that you only need a small handful of bonito flakes to get that fishy taste otherwise you make it too overpowering. I had to dilute with water a couple of times before getting it just right. Remember extract the ginger, garlic and bonito flakes, before thickening the sauce.

Now onto all the other things.

Kawai CA-63

If you haven’t already noticed, here is my new piano I shall be using for recordings from now on when at uni. Luckily, I found this on sale in a music store not too far from where I live, as it was going to be replaced by its predecessor, the Kawai CA-93. Spent my whole summer working for this and so happy I made this choice! The keys are a big step up from my old Yamaha P-95 and although the sound is also superior, I still prefer the Yamaha Grand sound samples to the Kawai’s. The high notes just sound too damned bright for me.

A very popular small cafe/restaurant where students and locals alike go for some good chinese food. Best one in our area, as far as I can say, compared to all the other takeaways.

Ahahaha my good friend and house mate, who managed to ninja his way into the picture xD

Takeaways too?

As you can see, we order every now and then too. 😀

Yes, that is a subway at the bottom there. No, don’t ask me why.

Fried tofu in some sort of soup, we added this to our noodles

Vietnamese spring rolls and fried tofu

Someone brought some roast belly pork from chinatown on their way back from London too.

Ah, a friend of our’s made our house a lovely Vietnamese meal. Can’t quite remember what she cooked for us, but once I get the chance to ask her again, I’ll update this section. 😀

‘Korean’ barbeque.

There’s this place that just opened up when we got back this term. It’s a all-you-can-eat ‘Korean barbeque’ where you order from a set menu and they bring the food out for you to cook and eat yourselves. To be honest, it’s not a great ‘korean’ barbeque so I wouldn’t head there again unless prompted strongly by someone, though I didn’t have high hopes for this restaurant in the first place seeing as they also run an over-priced hot-pot restaurant just down the road. :L

Roast chicken Xmas dinner

House mate made tiramisu. She loves cocoa flour, as you can see.

A ration from home. Black bean spare ribs. Yum!

There’s no other place like home.

Back at home, Drunken fish and chicken wings


More lamb

Xmas day

Boxing day

And hotpot the day after.

Ya know. This is a pretty big step up from our usual student hotpots that we have, so it was a very welcome change dining with many of my lovely family members. 🙂

Student hotpot. How to tell the difference between this and the last picture? Tell-tale sign is the abundance of processed meats here.

Pictures of home-made roast pork belly and our New Year’s Eve dinner finishing off whatever leftovers we had from the Xmas and Boxing day dinners.

Now some pictures of my studying area.

Some pictures of the Capital city.


My dream.

One day…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I’m rather looking forward to what 2013 has in stock for me. ^^

Here’s wishing you an eventful 2013!

Kampai!! 😀

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  1. NyNy says:

    The food looks absolutely delicious! I hope you have a prosperous 2013 ^^

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