My cooking, food post (2)

To be honest, it’s much easier doing picture posts nowadays. So err…. here was my second post as promised. 😀

Not anything notable in terms of difficulty but still makes my mouth water thinking about this ^__^

2nd (Somewhat) Successful chicken Teriyaki attempt! 😀


Here are the improvements as promised from my last cooking post what seemed like decades ago.

Again, pretty stuffs. Salmon and cream cheese bilinis. Simple and easily to entertain guests at dinner parties.

Made my very own tsuyu-sauce with soba

Fried salted pork belly with fermented bean curd on congee.

Enoki mushroom were left overnight in a sweet soy sauce mixture I have made beforehand. This is me ‘trying’ to be a vegetarian…

Now for some pictures of udon, an overused noodle of mine.

Actually, ya know what, there aren’t as many as I thought there’d be.

Stir-fried kimchi pork belly

Korean spicy beansprouts, sweet soy asparagus and tomatoes with soba and home-made tsuyu. Yes, that is toilet roll. No, it wasn’t intentional.

1st attempt at Mapo Tofu! Success! 😀

Simple steamed on left. Experiment for next day’s bento on the right.

Slow poached salmon in a special soy mixture, cold over somen noodles.

In the end, I just thought why not save it for next day and have somen and tsuyu instead

Soy sauce braised chicken wings

Now to keep within the tradition of the last post, here’s a fail (kinda). Remember kids, when wrapping onigiri the day before you go to a theme park, remember to ALWAYS keep some nori on you otherwise you’ll end up improvising like this.


Alright, it wasn’t that bad. But the iconic picture of an onigiri in my head wasn’t quite satisfied by these bad boys.

Honey and soy marinated pork belly -> Mixed herbs and salted potatoes with steamed veg -> udon stir fry

The joys of leaving my term time residency to come home means that on the last night before returning for summer, I tried to finish off what was left in my fridge and came up with this. Still, I had some lamb, 2 eggs and an onion left.

Well that’s it. I’m pretty much up to date now so I wouldn’t expect (m)any more of these in the future unless I get more lazier and busier than I usually am. I haven’t been slacking, really….

I’ve been working hard, I swear! ;__;

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  1. pianolearner says:

    That all looks tasty 🙂

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