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Xmas 2012/New year 2013 post

It seems managing a blog requires more time and effort than I originally planned. It also seems that this year will be busier than I originally planned too. Luckily for you, this means I have a stash of photos saved … Continue reading

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Piano cover – AKB0048 Opening – Kibou ni Tsuite

Short post for any of you interested in my piano posts. Just a cover I did recently, which I would like to share. If anyone reading this has any experience of the piano, if you could offer any constructive criticism … Continue reading

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So I play the piano…

So really, this post is an excuse to share my amateur, rookie Youtube channel I’m doing at the moment. I’ll put it on another page on my blog but for now and I’ll leave links to each video I do, in-between the … Continue reading

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Another food post? (1)

A mouth-watering update for those of you interested in my food, or an eye-cancerously bad one for those of you that hate watching noobs amateurs make some ‘pretend-sushi’. Expect MOAR of these food posts to come! So we (brother and … Continue reading

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My love of food

Not very original, is it? Well to be honest, there isn’t really much to be said as this is a typical story just like no other. Growing up in the UK, I was already well accustomed to many of the … Continue reading

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Hello World!!

So I decided to give blogging a go after a few suggestions from a couple of people. I’ll be honest, I know next to nothing about how to start or where to go so this is essentially going to be … Continue reading

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